About Our Practice

Our approach to grief and bereavement therapy.

Why Bereavement Therapy?

Grief is not a disease. Grief counseling is different from other forms of therapy in that ….  Everyone will experience grief at some point in time during their life, be it in the form of short term or long term loss. This kind of therapy is most beneficial when it provides compassionate support that aids individuals in understanding how their loss has affected them, what changes have occurred from the loss and how to cope with these changes. Grief counseling also helps us understand our unique ways in which we cope with loss and can provide insight into others coping when we do not understand their responses to a loss. Therapy also provides a safe place to explore our deepest feelings about the loss which are often misunderstood or a source of shame to grieving people. Loss can bring questioning of long held beliefs, feelings of isolation and guilt. Therapy aids in providing a non-judgmental place where clients can examine such issues without risking vulnerable relationships.    

Our Therapy Stratigies

We believe therapy is an active and shared effort, which is successful when the client’s hard work and courage, coupled with a therapist's skills and experience in a counseling partnership, enables the client to makes changes that add to their quality of life.

Therapy often includes a client’s unique story of their loss and the relationship to the one lost, helps to shape present view of their circumstances. We believe the manner in which the past, and what was learned from it, when applied to the survivor’s current life after the loss, is most helpful.  We use a number of counseling theories to help clients through this process. We have found that most permanent changes occur cognitively and through behavioral practice. The meaning of the loss as it shapes the survivor’s life is sometimes the most profound result of therapy. Our counselors are trained and utilize several methods and techniques during the counseling process. We have experience in using cognitive-behavioral constructs such as DBT and REBT. Brief solution focused therapy is a way to build on the use of a client’s natural strengths and previous attempts to solve their current problems surrounding a loss.  We provide both long and short term therapy as well as group interventions.