What to Expect

Grief has its own unique set of issues

Some of us may be new to counseling or have never needed therapeutic help.
Below are just a few questions and answers that may help you determine what and when help would be beneficial.

  • I’m sad all the time and just can’t seem to get back into doing things I need to.
  • I find it impossible to go places and be around others even those close to me.
  • I’ve given serious thought to joining my lost loved one.
  • I feel no joy in my life after this loss.
  • I no longer know who I am and why I am alive
  • Therapy can help us to uncover ways of easing back into our lives
  • When grieving, isolation is most common and most difficult to break away from because most people are uncomfortable talking about loss. Therapy can provide an outlet and give us practice speaking about our feelings to others that care about us.
  • After a significant loss, our longing for our loved one is often intense. This intensity can be overwhelming and difficult in coping. Therapy can help give us safe ways to deal with intense emotions.
  • Losing interest in day to day life is normal for a time after suffering a significant loss. Therapy can help us to feel better about beginning a life with some joy again without feeling guilt or betrayal of our memories.
  • Counseling will help us to recognize the ways our lives have changed in some ways but also remain the same in others. Together we will begin to find meaning in the loss and how to channel the loss into meaning actions that honor the one who was lost, ourselves, and who we have become after the loss.

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