Welcome to Carolina Bereavement Services!

Welcome to Carolina Bereavement Services! We are dedicated to serving the needs of grieving individuals and families in the Raleigh - Durham - Chapel Hill and the greater Triangle area of North Carolina. Because our culture is often uncomfortable and hesitant to acknowledge that loss is a natural part of life, we often do not receive the support that is so important to our recovery and survival after the losses. We understand that losses are as unique as the people in the relationships, we offer a number of evidence based therapies that provide short term and continuing support throughout a client’s recovery. Carolina Bereavement Services provides educational resources for clergy who care for their grieving parishioners, financial advisors who aid clients in end of life planning, and parents who need help with supporting their children through a grief experience as well as children who are attempting to aid their aging parent/family member adjust to life after a loss.  We also specialize in therapy for individuals who work as physicians, nurses and other caregiving professions. We also offer employee assistance to professionals in the bereavement communities such as morticians and embalmers. We have worked hard to establish contacts with diverse professionals so that we are able to provide clients with sources should an outside referral be needed.